Fire Emblem Awakening – Tips for success

The brand new Fire Emblem finally launched in the EU just over a week ago and has received a host of stellar reviews across the board. For many this will probably be the first time they’ve tried a game in the franchise and although there are easy modes to aid beginners I would like to offer some helpful tips and tricks I’ve found throughout my time playing.

A real life saver

Fire Emblem is well known for its perma death mechanics in that once a character dies, they are gone for good. You won’t want any of your characters to die (because of the stories and abilities they’ll gain later on), but sometimes you might make a mistake judging an enemy’s movements or they might get a lucky critical hit on you. The easiest way to combat this is to save before you start every chapter/encounter. With a constant back-up of your progress even if a beloved comrade croaks you can just hit the ‘HOME’ button on the 3DS and reload the game to try the chapter again. It can be annoying if you have spent an hour playing through a battle only to reload, but at least you can hang onto every character this way.

Yes Sir Mime, hitting the HOME button can help save your characters.

Yes Sir Mime, hitting the HOME button can help save your characters.

A life changing experience

This Fire Emblem brings back the world map system from Sacred Stones (on the GBA, fantastic game if you get chance to play it). On the world map screen you’ll see enemies (Risen) appearing on areas you’ve already finished chapters on. Engaging these enemies is a great source of experience for characters, relationships and weapon skills. There is also an item you can buy from stores (you can visit completed chapters to go to shops and buy items) that forces Risen to appear on the current location you are standing on. This means you can start off ‘farming’ earlier levels for the weakest members of your army and then work your way up the chapters to fight increasingly stronger foes. Personally I found chapter 11 to be a particularly helpful area to strengthen my forces. There’s a good number of enemies that appear each time, they’re not too powerful and you can easily place your desired unit(s) on defence increasing forts to help them battle the monsters.


Getting characters to fight partnered up or next to each other in battle increases their relationship statuses. The higher the relationship status the better the chance that the units will protect each other in battle as well as help each other attack enemies. Getting a selected male and female character to marry each other offers the best stat boosts when they work together and also opens up (when you get to a certain point in the game) side missions to gain even more recruits.

When characters get closer they will marry and form strong combat boosting bonds

When characters get closer they will marry and form strong combat boosting bonds

Stick with ‘em:

Certain characters may appear to be very weak when you first encounter them. You can choose to ignore them, but every unit has the potential for greatness. Using the Risen encounter farming method you can raise all your character to level 20 quite easily. Then you can ‘class change’ them using a master seal to get the most out of their stats.

Shop till you drop:

Shops are very useful in Fire Emblem as they let you keep your army in weapons etc. Once a weapon/spell book breaks it is gone so you need to keep an eye on all your character’s equipment. Every level in the game has a different shop you can visit after completion of the chapter. It is a good idea to travel around the map and look for which place has the wares you need. A character you are training up will often require bronze equipment (or any rank E goods). Once they’ve increased their skills with their selected items you’ll be able to buy and equip them with higher ranked gear that will greatly increase the damage they can do to enemies.

Shops are also crucial for purchasing enough master seals to get all of your characters to their higher classes as well as second seals for changing them to a completely different type of class. Also if you have the spotpass data activated and lots of goods you don’t need you can sell items to earn enough money to buy the characters that appear via spotpass. Although they can’t interact with any of the main game characters they are all classic Fire Emblem characters which fans of the series will want in their army.

Hopefully these tips should help you on your way to defeating your foes and restoring peace to the lands. Hope you are all enjoying the game as much as I am…. If that’s possible haha.

Well Tharjia I'm not that devoted to Fire Emblem, only a little off though.

Well Tharjia I’m not that devoted to Fire Emblem, only a little off though.


3 responses to “Fire Emblem Awakening – Tips for success

  1. Poor SirMime, I’m going to make you life a little more simple (Unless EU 3DS’s are different). If you need to reset the game, just hold the shoulder buttons (R+L) and press the START button. Resets without having to exit to the 3DS menu. ^_^

    As for the aspect of death and saving, I found it better to just play on casual mode myself. Most people that play with perma death end up resetting anyhow. I just saved myself my own frustration. The character interactions are just too good to risk missing out!

    You hit some good points though that all new comers should know. I really loved this game and glad to see that EU got a release. I recently picked it back up and I’m actually still discovering new enjoyments in it post beating it.

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